Friday, December 5, 2008

Likud to Benefit from Habayit Hayehudi Fiasco

Now that those responsible for bringing down the Mafdal and Ichud Leumi parties have been rebuffed, look for the Likud to pick up an extra 4-5 seats in the upcoming Israeli elections. According to the " Habayit Hayehudi's Public Council selected Technion mathematician Prof. Rabbi Danny Hershkovitz, Beersheba educator Avi Wartzman and rabbinical courts administrative head Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan as finalists in the chairmanship elections. The other three candidates, NU/NRP MKs Uri Ariel, Zevulun Orlev and Benny Elon, were dropped."

What this means is that 3 men with zero experience are going to try and lead a substantial voting bloc in the Knesset. Good luck. Who is going to vote for these guys? Too bad because a unified right wing bloc would garner decent electoral support, but not with a bunch of no names on the ticket.

What I find interesting is the irony with all of this. Zevulun Orlev who was a major force behind this new party basically was responsible for the demise of the Mafdal, and now was basically shown the door by his new party. Maybe he should take the hint.

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