Thursday, December 4, 2008

Once Again Jew Banishes Jew

With terror groups feeling empowered by last week's Mumbai attacks, and busy preparing their next attack on Jewish targets, the Israeli minister of Defense and PM wannabe Ehud Barak feels that the real enemy of Israel are its own citizens. That's why he has ordered more than 2,000 policemen and soldiers to evacuate Bet Hashalom in the holy city of Hebron.

According to the "Minutes after police entered the building, protesters began to come out. Some walked out, while others were dragged or carried by security forces. Demonstrators at the scene said that at least ten people had been injured just ten minutes into the operation. Channel 10 reported that one person had been seriously wounded."

The fact that this building was purchased legally and the buyer was never given a chance by the activist Israeli Supreme Court to prove his acquisition didn't seem to sway Barak. Clearly trying to shore up waning support, ironic that he is doing the evacuation on the day of the Labor party primaries, Barak is flexing his muscles against his own people. And we wonder why the Jewish people keep facing more and more tragedy.

According to Barak and his cronies, Jews are not allowed to purchase property in their own country and evacuating these ideologues is more important than stopping missile attacks on Israeli cities like Sderot. Is that warped thinking or what?


JMNOR55 said...

Aaron, what is the point of owning land if we can't do anything with it? Maybe Ehud Barak would like to return to the 1948-1967 days.

Aaron Katsman said...

it appars that that is xactly what he wants.