Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Likud Primaries: What's 2 hours for Democracy

So I went to exercise my right to cast a ballot in the Likud party primary yesterday. The delays that were faced by voters were all well documented. I can tell you that it took me exactly 2 hours from the time I showed up at the Jerusalem polling station, Binyanei ha'uma, until I finished voting. What I didn't expect during the 2 hour ordeal was how polite and good natured the crowd was. Voters were scrunched together like sardines barely moving along and I would have expected the crowd to get antsy and start yelling and pushing, but none of that happened. Everyone was in such a good mood, and everyone in my vicinity was having engaging political discussions, mostly regarding Moshe Feiglin. No yelling, just some interesting dialogue.

I guess we are lucky that we live in a democracy, and we enjoy the right of spending 2 hours in line to cast a vote. many people of the world would literally kill for that opportunity. While it was certainly inconvenient, we should give thanks that we enjoy these freedoms.

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