Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chanukah in Hashmonaim: Back to Our Roots

After the Katsman family Chanukah party, it was off to 'where it all started' Hashmonaim for my wife's family Shabbos Chanukah fest. Again, it was really nice for everyone to be together (I'm not just saying that to stay out of my mother-in-laws doghouse!). If there was ever a reason to have Sunday as a vacation day, these holidays where the family gets together is the proof. It's just a shame that it happens once or twice a year.

Special thanks to D&D for hosting all of us. I know it wasn't easy, but you did a great job. I once mentioned a new cookie business( it's my sister in laws in the interest of full disclosure) that had sprouted up, and I was able to sample some of the goodies this Shabbos, and ....Giddy up! That was some good eatin'. Nothing like playing Apples to Apples while eating oatmeal cherry cookies. For those who want more information click here.

Happy Chanukah.

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