Monday, November 17, 2008

Looking For Yummy Cookies?

I try not to turn the blog into an advertisement, but someone I know pretty well (okay for full disclosure it may just be my sister-in-law) has started a business which is long overdue. She is a great baker and after lots of prodding, decided to share her delicacies with others. Her cookie platters are perfect for a simcha, Shabbos kiddush or just to nibble on with a cup of coffee- or in my case about 10 cups of coffee.

If you are sick of baking but looking for some good desserts, feel free to email Dvoras Cookie Creations. I am not just writing this to earn some family brownie (no pun intended) points, but I actually really like her cakes and cookies.

Again for full disclosure: Unfortunately, I have not received payment of ANY KIND for this post! I think I'll have another cup of coffee (hint hint.)

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