Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jerry Yang: Better Late Than Never

News that Yahoo CEO, Jerry Yang is leaving the company is welcome news for investors, albeit a decision that was too late in coming. Yang was responsible in rejecting a buyout offer from Microsoft value at over $31 per share. Yang insisted that the offer was too low and that he was going to turn Yahoo around and grow the company. Unfortunately he didn't deliver the goods and the stock is trading down at around $10. That would mean that in order to provide shareholders with the financial value that Microsoft was offering, the stock now needs to triple in value. Good luck.

The one compliment that I can give Mr. Yang is that at least now he understands that he needs to step down, and he understands that he has failed in his duty. I have seen many a CEO, be so arrogant that they can't admit their own failures and they end up bankrupting the company. Just see recent examples of Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual bank.

Many think that his departure will open up negotiations once again with Microsoft. If so I wouldn't ecpect an offer anywhere close to the $31 offer. And who can investors thank for that? Jerry Yang!

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