Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shabbat in Netzer Hazani caravilla site in Ein Tzurim

This was sent to me by a friend, updating us as to the situation for the Gush Katif evacuees.

The last hours have been hearing the planes and their explosions over Gaza ---it is amazing but it is so far away still the caravilla shakes slightly. Shabbat we had many rockets falling in this general area but since we have no place to safe areas --there is no need to get hysterical to run to safe place ---and also the siren is from Kibbutz Ein Tzurim and more often than not we can't hear them here in the caravilla site. In a way as crazy as it sounds, it makes you less stressed out than when you hear the siren and feel pressure to run with your kids to safe area. I hope the people in Tel Aviv now realize they are only 20 km. from the Shomron and they have lots of rockets that were smuggled in there --so they better forget about disengaging the Shomron. I know this may really sound crazy, but since I don't have any safe area anyway --my first reaction to hearing the shriek of the rocket and the noise of fall and explosion was -this feels like home- all I need is the sea sand and celery. Tonight it isn't too much fun for those mothers we have here in our Gush Katif communities with a son in there fighting right now near Gush Katif from where they were thrown out and at the same time the mother is in a caravilla site with no safe area to protect her young children when rockets explode nearby. Wish I could explain to those "leftists" who are supposedly for peace demonstrating in Tel Aviv that if we would have not allowed the tunnels and the smuggling of weapons ,rockets etc and parts we wouldn't have to bomb them now.

People who truly want peace must not allow weapons to reach those that lack the morality to use them properly --so that we would have no need to bomb to protect our civilians and people would not have to be. I wish that our government felt that they are sending our dear men into this war not only to protect us but to give us back this dear part of our Eretz Yisrael. I know that there are very many of the soldiers fighting there are motivated also by the hope that their efforts will not only assure safety for half the country but that their mesirut nefesh will give Am Yisrael back this part of our land --for only then can get closer to Shalom..

Shavua tov u'besorot tovot. PS-anyone who knows someone willing to help fund the buses to take the kids out for the day to keep them sane and other special expenses we have in these challenging times --please be in touch

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