Thursday, December 11, 2008

New PA Forces Are The Most Capable Ever: Now I Feel Safe

As if it's not bad enough that are esteemed Israeli leaders( PM Olmert and PM wannabes Livni and Barak) can't protect us against the enemy, we now have news that the enemy has very 'capable' forces, that of course would never attack us.

According to the JPost: "Keith Dayton, the US army general who is overseeing the training in Jordan of the Palestinian Authority's National Security Force for the West Bank, has praised the new recruits as "the most capable Palestinian security forces that have ever been fielded here," and firmly played down the notion that they might one day come to turn their weapons on Israel."

Israel can't even deal with the un-capable force and soon will have deal with US trained 'capable forces? Oy.

Dayton appears to be living in Kansas. Of course the Palestinian forces will never turn against Israel. It's just like they would never use the 40,000 guns we gave them to shoot at us, or the famous Shimon Peres line that when Arafat spoke about Jihad, he meant a Jihad for peace!

At least the Iranians will never get THE BOMB!

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