Sunday, December 21, 2008

Livni And Hamas

My favorite pol, PM wannabe Tzipi Livni is at it again, saying that under her rule, she will topple the Hamas in Gaza. Humm.... Isn't this the same Livni who allowed Hamas to run in elections a few years ago, and vastly underestimated their popularity, and was 'shocked' when they took over. isn't this the same Livni who has travelled the world trying to limit support for Hamas.

Nice, Tzipi, very successful on all fronts.

Now you expect us to believe that you and only you can stop the Hamas. Gimme a break!

According to the Jpost: "The people of Israel are threatened, missiles are falling," she said. "I won't say what moves should be made. There is no calm in Hamas controlled Gaza. Israel, and a government under my leadership, would topple Hamas in Gaza with military, economic and diplomatic means."

What nonsense. Hello, Tzipi. Aren't you already the chief diplomat of Israel? You have failed in your role as FM, and now you want us to believe that that makes you qualified to be head of state?

I don't think voters are that gullible.

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