Thursday, December 11, 2008

Israeli's Most-Googled Terms

So what do you think are Israel's most searched for terms? Livni, Srugim, Cochav Nolad? Wrong.

Globes is reporting on the annual Google Zeitgeist survey, and the word 'games' takes the top spot: "After "games", the most frequently used search words by Israeli surfers were Walla, Nana, Mekusharim (an Israeli social network), and YouTube. The most frequent query in Israel in 2008 was the "Big Brother" reality show, followed by Channel 10, the song "Matai Nitnashek" (When will we kiss), the "Survival" reality show, and iPhone."

Maybe next year we will get words like: Get hair out of your eyes, I'm Right You're Wrong, Achmanidejad RIP. Just a thought.

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