Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Help The Kids of Gush Katif

I received this email and call for help. If you are unable to help please tell a friend.

Dear friends ,
As you know we have no "safe area" in Ein Tzurim caravilla site in which for our children to seek protection during the siren alerts when the rockets explode and fall. The Pikud HaOref has as of yesterday, closed all the nurseries, kindergartens and schools in the area and in nearby areas, probably all this week and perhaps some of next week as well.

We would like to bus between 30 -40 children of Netzer Hazani-Gadid community in Ein Tzurim (ages about 2.5-3yrs until about 13) for daily trips to various communities who will be willing to host entertainment for the children and perhaps some of the parents who are not working . Perhaps youth in the host community or parents could prepare activities in various age groups , perhaps local musicians , actors etc. could help ---an outdoor trip in your area ---anything your community can think of that will make the day pleasant for the kids and parents --would be great!

We have two people in our community trying to coordinate such activities so please, if you have any ideas or would like to organize people in your community to try and help them lift up this glove that would be amazing -- for any ideas suggestions or willingness to do this one day
please contact Anat Meller 054-2562609 in the morning..

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