Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hebrew Business Week Victim of Slow Economy

The slowing global economy has reached the Israeli print media. It appears that the Hebrew edition of Business Week, is to be suspended pending either an acquisition or bringing in a strategic partner.

According to Globes: "Sources inform ''Globes'' that Hirsch Media Ltd., owned by Shlomo Ben-Tzvi, has suspended publication of the Hebrew edition of "Businessweek", beginning with next Thursday's edition. Ben-Tzvi is also seeking to sell the franchise of the US weekly. Alternatively, he may go ahead with the launch with a partner.
Hirsch Media has published the Hebrew edition of "Businessweek" for just under a year, after signing a contract with the publisher of "Businessweek" for a Hebrew edition of the weekly 18 months ago."

It's a shame that this is happening as there are few well written Hebrew business magazines. Let's hope that a solution can be found to get this back in print.

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