Thursday, November 13, 2008

Municipal Election: Classic Story

Rewind 72 hours, the day before Israel's municipal election day. The campaign was in full gear. Candidates were spending every last second courting each and every vote. Everywhere you turned in Jerusalem was full of people handing out fliers about this candidate and why you shouldn't vote for the other candidate. I am sure that the same scenario played out in countless cities all over the country. Even former PM and current PM candidate Benjamin Netanyahu became my personal friend calling me 4 times on both my cell and house phone. Bibi has my cell number. Cool! Oh you mean he called everyone asking them to vote Likud, and it was only a tape of him? Bummer, I thought we were bonding.

Then there was Shachar Rubin. Who? No, not Shachar Pe'er the Israeli tennis star, Shachar Rubin. My dear wife starting getting phone calls from supporters of Shachar Rubin. The first call went something like this." Hello Mrs. Katsman, we just want to know that we can count on you to vote for Shachar. How many others in your household can we count on to vote for Shachar." To which my wife answered, " Who is Shachar?"

The she got another call on her cellphone a few hours later, reminding her to vote for Shachar.
On Tuesday morning as we were literally walking into our polling station to vote, she got a text message reminding her to vote for Shachar Rubin. the message said, " Shachar Rubin requests from you to vote today for the "RAK" party(Hebrew letters). The day is important for all of us and every vote counts." Then yesterday she got a thank you text message, thanking her for voting for Shachar and his 'Lev' party.

After speaking to a bunch of friends, including election maven Steve, and checking the election results, no one had ever heard of or new anything about our Shachar. Well last night my wife decided on doing a Google search on our friend. It turns out that he is the deputy mayor of............. Ness Tziona. We live in Jerusalem, and my wife has never set foot in Ness Tziona.

And the good news.............. Shachar is again deputry mayor!!!!!!!!!!

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