Sunday, November 9, 2008

Israeli Election Update: Netanyahu Unifies Party

With the focus now off the US presidential elections, the Israeli elections for prime minister now take center stage. With about 3 months left until the vote, Likud head and former PM Benjamin Netanyahu has managed confound analysts by actually unifying his center-right Likud party. The big knock against Netanyahu in the past is that he isn't exactly a 'people-person' and alienates those close to him.

Well news over the last few days that former highly regraded Likud members such as Benny Begin( son of former PM Menachem Begin) as well as Dan Meridor have rejoined the Likud party has given Netanyahu a big boost.

If Netanyahu can succeed in convincing the electorate that he can actually get along and not 'tick-off' everyone, than his chances of a large victory will be greatly enhanced.

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