Monday, November 10, 2008

Fake An Opponents Death to Become Mayor?

No one has ever accused Israeli politicians of being a classy lot. The do anything, say anything approach to be elected is a big reason that politicians are not held in such high esteem. According to a report in the, we may have reached a new low. Apparently a candidate for Mayor in BeerSheeba decided to fake his opponents death. " Fake death notices announcing the passing of BeerSheeba's Mayor Yaakov Turner were put up in several spots around the city a day before the municipal elections. City inspectors have removed the offensive posters.
Turner's campaign pointed a finger at one of the other candidates running against the mayor, who himself reacted somewhat sarcastically, saying the rumors of his death were "premature

All I can say is that this is just sick and classless. If you can't win on issues then accept defeat with class, ala John McCain. Faking a death to get a few more votes seems beyond the pale. All I hope is that those who posted the signs don't bring an Ayin Hara upon themselves.

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