Tuesday, November 25, 2008

3 Tips to Learn How to Delegate

For many of us, whether in business, parenting or other facets of life, realizing that we can't do everything and that we need to delegate certain tasks is a big epiphany. In order to maximize the time in the day and do things in an efficient manner, we can't do it all. For those who have 'issues' letting go, here are 3 tips that may help make it easier for you:

1- Specialize. Define what it is that you do best, and if the task at had doesn't fit into your specialization, give it to someone else to do.

2-Take a holiday. Take a week or two off and see how everything will continue. let's face it, we aren't as important as we think and life continues, even when we are away on vacation. See who filled in for you and what tasks they did in your place, and then once you return, give each person those tasks permanently.

3- Mistakes won't kill you. Many times people who are unable to delegate are perfectionists. The reason that they can't relinquish control of certain tasks is because they are afraid that it won't be done 100%. Well in my experience, things don't really need to be finished in a perfect manner. Often times 80-90% success is more than necessary to get things done well. Delegate those tasks that really don't need to be done perfectly, this will free up a whole bunch of time.

Feel free to post you own tips on delegating.

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